Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pudding Basins

 With sunshine streaming through the windows now, it's hard to believe my last post was on our snow day.  The weather since warmed up and we've been enjoying plenty of time outdoors in the sunshine.  All of us had a major case of cabin fever - Justus and I so much that we immediately embarked on a spring project: putting in a fence around our garden!  The fence is a  time-consuming job but is essential this year with our chickens foraging around the yard during the day. 

Now you're probably wondering what a fence has to do with pudding basins... but since the fence is not presentable at the moment, I thought I'd share a recent favorite purchase.

As you know, I have a love for anything old, but occasionally something new will draw my eye too.  Such was the case with these Mason Cash pudding basins.  Although new, these are the traditional white basins, the design said to be unchanged for over a hundred years. 

 When I first saw them, I knew they would make perfect mixing bowls.  (The thought did cross my mind... A pudding basin?  What's that?)  After a little research I discovered that the bowls are called pudding basins as their original and intended purpose was, in fact, to be used to steam puddings with, the rim itself even being useful.

 I justified this purchase in my mind by listing all the reasons this would be a very functional purchase.

But, in all honestly, I was really just picturing how pretty the bowls would look lined up on my open shelves, their simplicity and classic design a perfect fit in my mind. (wink)

Have a wonderful week!  


  1. They are stunning Andrea. I would have gotten them too. Beautiful.

  2. I think that my first instinct would have been the same :). They look beautiful on your shelf.

  3. They are definitely "forever" items. In my book, that's all the justification needed! :)

  4. The bowls are a beautiful and functional addition to your farmhouse kitchen. Kathleen in Az

  5. Your pudding bowls are just lovely. They look like graphic art lined up on your shelves. Beautiful! xo Diana

  6. I am a big fan of Mason and Cash! Unfortunately, the new ones are no longer made in England....if you can find the old ones, treasure them! I have quite a few of their mixing bowls, baking dishes and pudding bowls that I have carried back from the UK over the years. They were heavy to carry but worth every bit of the hassle!

  7. I love this post! I now am on the look out for Mason and Cash. lol. Love seeing pictures of your kitchen. Always. Hope signs of spring are emerging where you are. Not a single one up here but soon. I sure hope very soon!

  8. I love the contrast of the rough wood and the smooth white bowls!

  9. These look beautiful on your shelf. I was wondering what sizes you got and did you purchase the individually or as a set? I have a birthday coming up and I love to get useful things that are pretty as well!

    1. Thank you, Pam. I purchased the bowls as a set and they are sizes 18, 24 and 30. I think at some point I'll add some of the smaller sizes as well. :-) I think these would make a great birthday gift!

  10. These are beautiful, Andrea! I'm a huge fan of Mason Cash and have several pudding bowls in my collection. I just love how they look and can't seem to ever have enough of them! :)

  11. And they are indeed very pleasing to the eye and look perfect on your open shelving. I love your style!

  12. I love the look you've created on your open shelves. So rustic pretty too!

  13. I've never heard them called pudding basins before. But, I like that name!


  14. I was thrilled to see your pudding bowls in this post. They are indeed lovely. Each and every Christmas I make a traditional Plum Pudding for my family with a recipe that has been handed down through four generations. I'm always on the lookout for good bowls to steam our Christmas pudding in!! These would do the trick!!


  15. So, do you bake pudding in the basins or...it is just a name? Anyway they look great on the wooden shelves!

    Have a great weekend,
    Ann C.
    Battersea Carpet Cleaners

  16. Rustic cottage inspiration hère for the taking. I lové the mix of your whiteness shelved on rustic shelving.
    I would have so jumped on them as well.
    Thank you for the white morning visit.
    Inspiring week ahead of you.



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