Sunday, August 10, 2014

Time for Snapping


 Over the weekend our beans were ready all at once...

Green, yellow and purple!

"Date night!  Meet me on the front porch!"

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Summer Days and Kitchen Shelves

 August is here - we're starting school on Monday and I'm wondering where the summer went.  I had a huge list of things I wanted to accomplish (refinishing the kitchen countertops being one of them) and I'm not sure I checked one item off.  At the same time, we've enjoyed every single day, spending as much time as possible outdoors and enjoying the time off.  Now I don't regret not doing anything this summer, as I know winter will be here before we know it and there will be plenty of time for indoor projects then!  I'm glad we soaked in such a fun summer. 

 When we planted our flower garden, we thought we'd enjoy endless summer bouquets in the house, but our flowers have been selling out almost every day at the stand (a wonderful problem to have), and so we only take home the flowers we can't possibly use (in other words, HUGE sunflowers).  But these were the first dahlias to bloom and since the stems were so tiny, I got to bring them home to enjoy (in a tiny little jar!).  I think these heirloom dahlias are the prettiest flower I have ever seen and I can't wait until they are all blooming in the garden and gain a little height. 

Summertime always brings about simplifying for me, and I moved some items around in our kitchen a couple months ago.  I reserved the shelves for my most favorite bowls that I also use frequently.  I've found that keeping pretty dishes on the shelves only seems to hinder me from using them, since they collect dust quickly, so mixing bowls are just perfect.  These handmade pottery bowls are a recent addition (a gift from my mother-in-law) and I absolutely adore everything about them, especially their pretty handles. 

 I hope you're enjoying a wonderful summer weekend! 

Monday, July 28, 2014

This Summer's Garden

 Our garden is one of my favorite places to be in the summer.  It's a little wild, completely imperfect, but it never fails to give us an abundance of fresh, delicious vegetables every day.  

 Each year I hesitate to post pictures of our garden... sometimes I feel like I do everything you shouldn't do in a garden.  None of my rows are perfectly straight, I always plant my tomatoes too close to each other, weeds and grass grow abundantly no matter how hard I try, but I think that's the beauty in vegetable gardening.  It's very forgiving, and really the only rule I adhere to is never plant your cucumbers next to your squash (a lesson learned the hard way). 

This year particularly has been one of my favorite years having a garden.  My girls are at an age now that they love the garden just as much as I do and love to help pick.  Jillian is a huge helper this year... in fact, she does all of the tomato picking every day.

Our fence has worked wonderfully in keeping the chickens out.  In fact, not one hen has made it in yet.  (Plus it helps my garden look pretty from the road... even when my cucumbers are dying and my lettuce is going to seed.) 


 I had a late start planting my pole beans, something I've ended up being thankful for.  I've been spending so much time picking the bush beans and our bumper crop of squash and cucumbers that I've been grateful the pole beans will come a little later!


 Pretty okra blooms...

 Our squash plants are huge... this is just five plants and actually since this picture they have grown even more, if that's possible.   However, that's been a nice thing since the dreaded squash borer is having to work hard to get rid of these plants. 


 My favorite pickling cucumbers... the girls and I snack on cucumbers with salt every single day.  So much so that I've only made a few batches of pickles.   


 Jillian hard at work on the tomatoes.  I'm especially grateful I have her help this year since the tomatoes are so large and planted so close together that it's much easier for her to climb through them than me (smile). 


 A day's bounty of vegetables.  Time to take them in the house, sort through the basket and figure out what to cook for dinner!

 P.S.  If you're wondering where Rosetta can be found, I often see her sitting with her favorite chicken (a Buff Orpington) on her lap, talking softly to her while petting her.  Such sweet summer days...   

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